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Looking for the perfect Website Content Editor?

Experience the next generation of Content Editing – Veolay

Content editing has never been easier. Veolay is one of the easiest online content editors out there that gives you the freedom to update content on the design itself.

Veolay has been developed with Designer, Developer and Client in mind, stacking up a variety of features that will definitely drop some jaws!

Easy to Setup : No Installations | No Database Setup

Veolay is simple from the setup itself, no messy installation, database setup or configuring required, just download and link two Veolay scripts to the pages you wish to edit online. Then assign editable regions – It’s that easy.

Design Freedom

Veolay allows designers to be creative, innovative and unbounded. Most designers are getting used to limiting the design just to fit into a CMS template, Veolay is ready to work with any design no matter how complex your design is. Simply, Veolay is designed to fit into your design.

White Labeling : Veolay – MyBrand

Most importantly, and what would be running in the minds of many designers and developers right now is White Labeling and yes, Veolay allows White Labeling. MyBrand plugin in Veolay allows your to change overall Colors, Company Logo, even FavIcon to match your clients branding just withing a couple of minutes without having to do any code work at all.

Backup & Version Controller

Automated Backups Tool coupled with the Version Control system completely takes care of accidentally overwriting content by saving every change under different versions and restoring back to a previous version is just a click away.

Veolay will also allow you to manage all your documents with its easy to use File Manager and its User Manager lets your assign multiple Administrator and Publishers.

Experience the power of easy content editing using Veolay.

Yes, a completely new user friendly Content Editor that is really easy to setup and also easy for your clients to work with. After all There is nothing easier than updating content on the webpage itself.

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