Hello I’m back! Apramana is back!


Hello I'm back again!

After more than 2 years I am writing my 724th blog post πŸ™‚ Hope I will be able to write more often as I was so busy last couple of years.

Now my blog is in www.apramana.co as someone has tactically stolen my actual domain name apramana.com and it’s still a mystery. Thinking about last 8 years of my blogging, hope I am improved now πŸ™‚

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See you again guys!

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Mobile, Internet and it’s usage in Sri Lanka


Nielsen Sri Lanka has published some interesting facts & figures about mobile internet usage in Sri Lanka.

A global market research organization says Sri Lanka’s future consumer patterns will be shaped by the growth in internet usage via mobile phones with greater access to social networking sites, particularly among the 16 to 35 years age bracket.

Some interesting facts,

  • Close to 70 percent of the population has a mobile phone
  • Ownership of mobile phone is much higher in the 16 to 35 age group
  • Mobile penetration stands at over 80 percent (more than 16 million mobile connections among a population of nearly 20 million)
  • There are nearly two million internet users in Sri Lanka, representing 14 percent of the population
  • 1.2 million users access the internet weekly or more often with the majority being in the 15 to 25 years age group where internet usage is as high as 26 percent
  • Broadband penetration stood at a mere 0.5 percent
  • Approximately 46 percent of users access the internet through their mobile phones, 10 percent exclusively and 36 percent through a combination of modes including mobile devices
  • Of the total number of users accessing the internet through their mobile phone, 42 percent went to social networking sites such as Facebook
  • 900,000, or nearly half of the total number of internet users in the country, are on Facebook, with 78 percent in the 18 to 34 age group

These are very interesting figures for me when looking at the Sri Lankan perspective πŸ™‚

Read the full article on Lanka Business Report.

Veolay – The next generation Light CMS – Content Editor


Looking for the perfect Website Content Editor?

Experience the next generation of Content Editing – Veolay

Content editing has never been easier. Veolay is one of the easiest online content editors out there that gives you the freedom to update content on the design itself.

Veolay has been developed with Designer, Developer and Client in mind, stacking up a variety of features that will definitely drop some jaws!

Easy to Setup : No Installations | No Database Setup

Veolay is simple from the setup itself, no messy installation, database setup or configuring required, just download and link two Veolay scripts to the pages you wish to edit online. Then assign editable regions – It’s that easy.

Design Freedom

Veolay allows designers to be creative, innovative and unbounded. Most designers are getting used to limiting the design just to fit into a CMS template, Veolay is ready to work with any design no matter how complex your design is. Simply, Veolay is designed to fit into your design.

White Labeling : Veolay – MyBrand

Most importantly, and what would be running in the minds of many designers and developers right now is White Labeling and yes, Veolay allows White Labeling. MyBrand plugin in Veolay allows your to change overall Colors, Company Logo, even FavIcon to match your clients branding just withing a couple of minutes without having to do any code work at all.

Backup & Version Controller

Automated Backups Tool coupled with the Version Control system completely takes care of accidentally overwriting content by saving every change under different versions and restoring back to a previous version is just a click away.

Veolay will also allow you to manage all your documents with its easy to use File Manager and its User Manager lets your assign multiple Administrator and Publishers.

Experience the power of easy content editing using Veolay.

Yes, a completely new user friendly Content Editor that is really easy to setup and also easy for your clients to work with. After all There is nothing easier than updating content on the webpage itself.

To Learn More visit www.veolay.com

Catch me at Refresh Colombo November Meetup


Hi folks, another post after few months again πŸ™‚ I am getting busier than ever.

So this time regarding the Refresh Colombo and it’s November Meetup.

Wondering what so special about it? Well I am going to speak about “The benefits of Web Standards to your visitors, your clients and you!” there.

It will be at Royal College Union Skills Centre, Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo-07, Sri Lanka on 25th November 2010 from 5:15pm to 7:30pm.

Apart from me Dialog Axiata’s Social Media Junkie, Milinda speaking on “Adopting Social Media in Local Companies : The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” and W.G.T.Fernando, Managing Director of GTS speaking about “Creating Games in Sri Lanka and the Optimistic Entrepreneurial Spirit“.

It’s FREE! So let’s get Refreshed!

Click here for more details on Date, time & venue.